Professionalism that goes beyond technique

We are the longest-operating company in Finland. Our expertise has been passed down from one creator to another since 1947, when acrylic eye prostheses began to be manufactured in Finland. We follow our field's development by taking international training courses and thereby guaranteeing the safety and high quality of the prostheses we manufacture, now and in the future. Our eye prostheses meet the essential requirements set by the supervisory authority, Valvira, for healthcare devices. 


 Our waiting room receives prosthetic clients of all ages coming from all over Finland

Users of eye prostheses are always welcome. We manufacture new prostheses, perform assessments, maintain old eye prostheses and carry out repairs. We also make special prostheses according to our customers' wishes. We strive to offer the best possible solutions for custom prosthesis modifications, from which we choose the most suitable together with the customer.

Order services and custom work for healthcare professionals

When the patient is in poor health, hospital districts can order a ready-made prosthesis box from us, from which they can choose the eye prosthesis that best suits the client's size and colour. In addition, we make eye socket moulds, which are used if necessary after surgery before the actual eye prosthesis is made. We can also make an eye socket moulds or prostheses individually, according to the doctor's measurements.

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