We manufacture, maintain and repair plastic eye prostheses

Each custom-made plastic eye prosthesis is produced by hand from start to finish. Smallest details are copied from the healthy eye as precisely as possible, so that the end result is an aesthetically pleasing, almost imperceptible prosthesis.

Silmäproteeseja pöydällä

Professionalism that goes beyond technique

Our company, located near the Helsinki railway station, specialises in eye and cornea prostheses. Our expertise has been passed down from one eye prosthesis maker to another since 1947, when acrylic prostheses began to be manufactured in Finland. We follow our field's development by taking international training courses and thereby guaranteeing the safety and high quality of the prostheses we manufacture, now and in the future. 

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Ocular prostheses

The first fitting of the prosthesis is done approximately four weeks after the eye removal or whenever the treating physician so recommends. Our custom-made, plastic eye prostheses are made by hand in our workshop. Plastic prostheses have the advantage of being malleable, durable and safe. Custom-made prostheses are easy to maintain and easy to use. Plastic eye prostheses can be used by all ages, including babies. We also make shell prostheses to protect the blinded eye.


Video: näin silmäproteesi valmistuu


Our prosthetic workshop is located right in the centre of Helsinki near the railway and bus stations and Finnair bus stop. There are several hotels near our prosthetic workshop and we would be happy to recommend accommodation for you. 

We are shall gladly answer your questions – please call and ask!