Ocular prostheses

Our custom-made eye prostheses are easy to maintain and easy to use. The prosthesis' shape and colours make it look like a healthy eye, down to its smallest detail. We manufacture our own individual eye prostheses from acrylic plastic. Plastic prostheses have the advantage of being malleable, durable and safe. Plastic eye prostheses can be used by all ages, including babies.

The first fitting of the prosthesis is done approximately four weeks after the eye removal or whenever the treating physician so recommends. We also make shell prostheses to protect the blinded eye. The production of an eye prosthesis, including all work steps, takes about two working days. In general, customers undergo 4-6 fitting sessions at the prosthetic workshop during this time. On specific cases, the prosthesis can also be manufactured in one day.

We manufacture prostheses individually using new modern techniques and traditional, proven manufacturing methods. We keep track of new technology solutions and upgrade to the best technologies.

If necessary, we can take an impression of the eye socket with flexible silicone instead of fitting prosthetic models. Thanks to the exact reproduction, we produce an excellently fitting eye prosthesis.

New eye prosthesis users always receive guidance on using the eye prosthesis and valuable home instructions. Customers also receive a storage box and a suction cup.

Custom-made shell prostheses

Removing the eye is not always necessary. We produce a very thin shell prosthesis to protect the blinded eye after the ophthalmologist has given permission to fit the shell prosthesis. Strabismus or feeling in the blinded eye does not prevent the use of a shell prosthesis. The blinded eye may be smaller than the healthy eye and affect the position and movement of the eyelids. Shell prostheses support the mobility of the eyelids and protect the blinded eye. Shell prostheses are suitable for all ages, including babies and children.

Shell prostheses can improve the aesthetics of the blinded eye.

Hollow prostheses

Hollow prostheses can be made if the eye socket is very large and the prosthesis weighs. Excessively heavy prostheses usually pull on the lower eyelid and can cause a feeling of weight. If you want to try hollow prostheses, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Prostheses for children

A growing child's eye socket changes much faster than an adult's. Children's prostheses are always enlarged as needed, often a few times a year. We try to make as few arrangements as possible with the child, so that the experience is as pleasant and safe as possible for the child. Our waiting room offers nice opportunities for children to play, take a break, and focus on other things.

A small picture – which is not visible when the prosthesis is used – chosen by the child can be added to the child's prosthesis. At the same time, it helps in placing the prosthesis in the correct position in the eye socket.

Special prostheses

We manufacture special prostheses based on the customers' own plans. Prostheses can be personalised with printed pictures, sparkles, diamonds and special colours. You can also present us with your unfinished idea and we will help you with the design.


We offer a two-month warranty on our custom-made eye prostheses. The warranty excludes first shell prostheses, children who are growing up, or eye prostheses made after surgery, because the eye socket healing often causes prostheses to be repaired.